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Date 2011-04-18.16:45:55
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The “remote hg repo” is supposed to be the URI of a clone (not of a changeset) of cpython (not distutils2), so the repos you added don’t work.  Can you remove them and add a patch file instead?  Thanks.

The first changeset looks good; I don’t understand the second one.

> I'm not sure if I should modify for the failing
> tests of manifest contents
Hm.  It looks like the tests were in contradiction with the docs.  The safest way here is to fix the behavior in packaging/d2 and mention the bug in the distutils docs.

> (since it is mentioned not to edit).
It’s a comment aimed at software developers reading the generated MANIFEST file, not at distutils2 hackers working on the tests :)  See #8688.
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