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Author Prashant.Kumar
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Date 2011-04-17.18:03:25
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I made changes in which can be viewed here:

I'm not sure if I should modify for the failing tests of manifest contents(since it is mentioned not to edit). 

>> I don’t understand this comment: “Though, inside zip-file we get files without its parent dir, nothing changes in manifest file(should it change?)

code from

        zip_file = zipfile.ZipFile(join(dist_folder, ''))
            content = zip_file.namelist()
after the change as mentioned in msg127191, the value of content changed, i.e. 'fake-1.0/some/other_file.txt' was changed to 'fake-1.0/other_file.txt'.But modifications were still required for the manifest. Above change should serve the purpose, I guess.
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