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> I need a "why-python-suxx" keyword to point people with dumb
> questions about why they should not use specific Python versions to a
> query that lists all sensitive issues for this specific version that
> won't be fixed due to security fix only mode.

You may not know it, but repeating over and other that Python, its docs, its development process and/or its developers suck does not raise the incentive to change things.  We’re all volunteers doing our best in our free time, please keep that in mind.  Also consider that when one person keeps saying that everything sucks while other people say that the overall quality is good, it may be that the first person is wrong.

As Ezio said, we have to draw the line.  A constructive outcome of this bug would be a doc patch adding a versionadded directive to the 2.7 docs, which we can fix (and we know that people tend to use the latest version of the docs). 

Leaving aside the inconsiderate comments about suckage, constructive proposals do help.  A lot of things in the current process are good, and you should accept the word of the actual developers for it.  Also remember that both PSF and python-dev are increasingly welcoming of   contributors and trying to improve things.  However, I think it’s best to let the people who actually manage the releases to judge whether changes are required for “proper release management and future planning”.

In other words, you catch more flies with wine than vinegar.
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