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> As a reference, I think you are refering to #5863 and #10791. Pretty fine job, I must say.

Thank you :)

> Nadeem, what do you think?. Is xz in your list?.

Yes, it's the next substantial thing I was planning on working on. I don't have
a lot of free time at the moment, though, so it might take a while. But I'll
definitely have it done in time for the release of 3.3 ;)

Looking at the pyliblzma code, I see that it provides the same thread-safety
guarantees as bz2 does. In rewriting, I would like to remove the locking code,
as it complicates the control flow logic of the C code, and doesn't seem like
the sort of thing a compression library should be concerned with. Are there any
objections to this? (Also, if anyone knows why bz2 was written to be thread-safe
in the first place, please enlighten me)
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