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Author techtonik
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Date 2011-04-05.21:39:38
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All right. The ultimate solution:

# Imports for converting version to MSI format for bdist_msi
from distutils.command.bdist_msi import bdist_msi
import inspect
import types

class bdist_msi_patch_version(bdist_msi):
    """ MSI builder requires version to be in the x.x.x format """
    def run(self):
        def monkey_get_version(self):
            """ monkey patch replacement for metadata.get_version() that
                returns MSI compatible version string for bdist_msi
            # get filename of the calling function
            if inspect.stack()[1][1].endswith(''):
                # strip revision from version (if any), e.g. 11.0.0-r31546
                return self.version.split('-')[0]
                return self.version

        # monkeypatching get_version() call for DistributionMetadata
        self.distribution.metadata.get_version = \
            types.MethodType(monkey_get_version, self.distribution.metadata)

    cmdclass={'bdist_msi': bdist_msi_version_hack},
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