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Author Eli.Stevens
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Date 2011-04-05.06:53:48
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I see the distinction about the rounding error now.  Thanks for clarifying; I've added more tests as suggested.

Looking at _struct.c, line 2085:

                    /* Skip float and double, could be
                       "unknown" float format */
                    if (ptr->format == 'd' || ptr->format == 'f')
                    ptr->pack = native->pack;
                    ptr->unpack = native->unpack;

I'm going to assume that it's okay to allow 'e' to pass through here, since the 'e' type is *always* going to be in IEEE 754 (not "unknown") floating point format, and the handling routines don't rely on the C conversions the way the float/double ones do.  Is that a good assumption to make?

Also, looking at the line in the native_table declaration:

    {'e',       sizeof(short),  SHORT_ALIGN,    nu_halffloat,   np_halffloat},

Does it make sense to have an entry here since there isn't actually a native representation?  ATM it's implemented as just figuring out the platform endianness, and then calling the corresponding lp_/lu_ or bp_/bu_ function.
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