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Date 2011-04-01.01:00:14
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Numpy 1.6.0 adds support for a half-float (16-bit) data type, but
cannot currently export a buffer interface to the data since neither PEP 3118 nor the struct module (referenced by PEP 3118) support the data type.

I am proposing that the struct module be extended to support half floats, and will be providing a patch that implements that behavior.

The current numpy implementation (1.6.0b1) uses the 'e' character to indicate half floats; I don't have a vested interest in what character is used.  If consensus between CPython and numpy is reached for using a different character, I will update my patches (but I don't plan on participating in the bike shedding prior to that point).

For reference:

python-ideas thread:

numpy-discussion thread:

cython-user thread (less relevant to this issue specifically):
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