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Date 2011-03-25.10:08:17
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The documentation for configparser.RawConfigParser.read_file() states:

"Read and parse configuration data from the file or file-like object in f (only the readline() method is used)."

This was true in Python 3.1 and before.  However in 3.2 the implementation of read_file changed.  It no longer calls readline().  Instead, it iterates over the file object.  Whoever made this change neglected to

* fix the docs, or apparently
* tell anybody.

I've got the commit bit, so I'd be happy to fix this.

I'd like to add it to the What's New In Python 3.2 as well; there's a section about configparser changes that would be perfect.  Is it permissible to change the What's New document ex post facto like this?  (Adding rhettinger so he can answer this.)
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