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Author dsdale24
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Date 2011-03-20.18:09:31
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Thank you Daniel and Benjamin for the helpful feedback. I think the attached patch is a much better approach. It only touches abc.abstractproperty (instead of the builtin property), and uses a class method as a factory to return instances of either property or abstractproperty, depending on whether it holds any references to abstractmethods.

The patch is backwards compatible with the existing (though in my opinion, still broken) syntax of passing concrete methods to the abstractproperty constructor. I say that syntax is broken because properties are composite objects, and it is the methods that inherently make a property abstract or concrete. If one passes concrete getters and setters to abstractproperty, how do we know when the property has become concrete? Thus, I changed the documentation to refer to the more robust approach of passing abstractproperty methods that have been decorated with abstractmethod.

Unit tests are also provided. I still have not been able to build from my hg checkout, but I copied into my working 3.2 installation and ran the new without errors.

I'll be happy to address any additional concerns.
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