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Date 2011-03-08.12:17:19
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Here is a patch incorporating some of the changes proposed by Eric:

* drop callback, return generator of (filename, fact-dict)

> Aren't you modifying the state on the server (via "OPTS MLST"), and then if you make a subsequent call without specifying "facts" you'll be using the value of "facts" from the previous call to MLSD? I don't think that's desirable, but short of calling "OPTS MLST" every time (possibly with the results of an initial FEAT) there's no way around it.

This is the behaviour according to RFC. MLSD will return the set of facts, until a new OPTS MLST issued.

> I don't like the "isdigit" test. Shouldn't this decision be left to the caller? What if a fact happens to look like an integer some of the time, but not always? Maybe "unique" is a hex string. I don't think you'd want it converted to an int on the occasions where it was all decimal digits, but a string otherwise. Also look at your "modify" facts. Those are not very useful as ints.

Drop the isdigit test: some value such as timestamps ('modify') might be "digits" for one files and would remain strings for the others.

> If a fact=value string does not have an '=', you silently ignore it. I'd rather this raise an exception and not pass silently. It's not compliant. You should have a test for this.

I don't think it should raise an error, i'd rather just pass it to the caller. There is a wide variety of possible non-compliant responses. For example there is a rigid format for time stamps, do we have to check for that?

One thing, that my patch doesn't do at the moment, but I think would be useful is to normalise all fact names to lower case. What do you think?

I hope that MLSD_DATA now covers wider range of cases (it's from Note that server MUST NOT return facts that weren't requested.

What would be the return values check here?
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