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Author John.Cary
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Date 2011-03-06.23:49:07
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Just to follow up.  My case is an application that is almost
all statically linked, but it loads in the python library, and
at runtime it needs to load the tables module, and as distributed
by Python, I get the load-time error on Windows.

Using Christoph Gohlke's exe's works great for me, but I cannot
redistribute due to the linking in of szip for tables and
MKL for numpy.  So I build my own version of tables without
szip and numpy without MKL, but that failed until I applied 
Christoph's patch on Python.  (I also have to patch tables' not to include szip.dll and zlib1.dll in dll_files.)

So the result is that with Christoph's patch, all is working
for me.  I hope it (or something similar) makes it into 2.7.

John Cary
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