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Date 2011-03-03.09:38:38
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> Try to use platform from within IDLE ...

I tried'calc.exec'): it works.

I tried p=subprocess.Popen('echo hello', shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE); p.communicate(): it works too (I get the output and there is no MS-DOS popup).

> Hmm, but if os.popen() is no longer supported in Python 3, how can
> we still use it in platform ?

platform.popen() and os.popen() have the same requirement: call process.wait() on file.close(). os.popen() does already implement that using _wrap_close. I don't want to copy/paste the code from os. os.popen() does still exist, why not reusing it?

Anyway, if we remove os.popen(), we should remove platform.popen() too. But I don't want/plan to remove os.popen().
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