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os.popen() is deprecated since Python 2.6 ("Use the subprocess module.") and it is no more documented in Python 3. The following documentation explains how to replace os.popen() by subprocess:

> Does it prevent a shell window from opening on Windows ?

Yes, but only if shell=True.

> Does subprocess.Popen() use the system's PATH for finding the
executable ?

Yes. The subprocess module calls os.get_exec_path() which reads PATH environment variable.

> Since it's a documented API, we could replace it with an
> implementation that uses subprocess.Popen(),

platform_popen.patch patchs platform.popen() to reuse os.popen() (which uses subprocess). It adds also tests (there was no test for platform.popen)

> but not remove it.

Can't we at deprecate platform.popen in favor of subprocess, with a documentation to explain how to port code to subprocess?

My patch doesn't touch platform documentation.


os.popen() does still exist in Python 3.2, but it is no more documented. Its documentation should be fixed or the function should be removed.
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