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Date 2011-02-17.10:55:13
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> Here is what faulthandler reports when I trigger it as Python
> is locked in test_socket:
> ...
>  File ".../Lib/test/", line 30 in f

faulthandler doesn't print the source code line (yet?). Here is the code:

class ForkWait(unittest.TestCase):
    def f(self, id):
        while not self.stop:
            self.alive[id] = os.getpid()
                time.sleep(SHORTSLEEP) <~~~ here
            except IOError:

ForkWait.f() is used by ForkWait.test_wait() which creates 4 threads. You may use all_threads=True option of faulthandler to get the backtrace of all threads.

Because ForkWait.test_wait() uses fork, you may also need to dump the backtrace of two processes.

Debug threads+multiple processes is something horrible :-)
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