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One concern expressed on a duplicate report by Martijn van Oosterhout:

> Note this is a behaviour change. Under the old scheme (Foo is a class)
> Foo.timerclass = Timer
> created a method, whereas now it will just assign the class as an
> attribute. To work around this you had to use _Timer. Will that dummy
> class remain as an alias to avoid breaking code (in 2.7 at least)?

Stable versions (2.7, 3.1, soon 3.2) won’t get this change.  They may get a doc patch to warn people about the fake class/factory thing.

In the py3k documentation for threading, some of the fake classes are documented as factories (Event) and other ones as classes (Timer); do you people think there would be harm in cleaning up all those outdated shenanigans for 3.3, with due versionchanged notes in the doc?
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