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Thanks for the editions.  Further comments on rietveld.

Miscellaneous things:

1) Storing passwords in an hashed form is false security.  An attacker that can read a config file with plain text passwords can also just run commands that use hashed passwords from the config file, so the security focus should be in forbidding access to your files, not worrying about passwords in plain text.

2) has the guidelines you’re asking for.

3) I do not need a CVE to evaluate if an issue is a security risk, because tells me that it’s when “somehow someone is able to gain escalated privileges when they shouldn't be able to.”

4) Could you remove from the issue Cc?  It goes to the wrong bug report.

Comment from Tarek (which does not address my specific question about None vs. empty string):

Looks good to me:

the upload command will get the credentials from the session instead of using the existing config at all.

I remember that we changed the behavior to you'd had to set ONLY the user in the rc file, but allowing to pass the user is better since it make the config file optional
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