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I'll look into making the crash easier to reproduce this coming week.

Is Tkinter's thread safety new? Because after I started getting crashes, I did my due diligence in Google and found a number of people writing about how it was necessary to use a Queue and Tkinter's after() timer, to draw from multiple threads. And in experiments in 2.7.1 on Windows, it turned out that it wasn't just the drawing calls from a thread other than the mainloop() thread, that invited a crash; even just trying to set an .after() timer from a different thread caused tracebacks, randomly.

At any rate this is less of an issue now, for me at least. I'm putting together a small graphic library for my coworkers. It will have a tiny fraction of Tkinter's capabilities, it will be Windows-only and won't even have native Windows look and feel; but it will be completely, rock-solid, idiot-proof thread safe - any operation (including widget deletes), any thread, any time, with no polling or timers needed. My coworkers are not technical and will get instantly lost if I have to describe queues and timers just to draw a line on a screen.
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