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Date 2011-02-04.16:54:35
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First of all, thanks to all for your cooperation, it is very much appreciated.

I made some minor changes to the benchmark program. Conclusions are:

 * setting file._CHUNK_SIZE to 20 has a dramatic effect, changing execution time in 3.2rc2 from 8.4s to 0.06s, so more than a factor 100 improvement. It's a bit clumsy, but acceptable as a performance work around.

 * opening file binary has a dramatic effect as well, I would say. After 2 minutes I stopped execution of the program, concluding that this change made the program at least a factor 10 *slower* instead of faster. So I cannot confirm DSM's statement that the performance hit would be a factor 2. Instead, I see a performance hit of at least a factor 100000 (10e5) compared tot 2.7.1, which is presumably not by construction ;-).
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