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Author ekrauss
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Date 2011-02-02.16:41:57
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test_fdopen (in test_os) fails on Solaris 9/sparc with Python 2.7.1.

FAIL: test_fdopen (test.test_os.TestInvalidFD)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/p01/app/tenv6/mercator/tmp_pythonbuild/Python-2.7.1/Lib/test/", line 550, in helper
    self.check(getattr(os, f))
  File "/p01/app/tenv6/mercator/tmp_pythonbuild/Python-2.7.1/Lib/test/", line 562, in check
    % f)
AssertionError: <built-in function fdopen> didn't raise a OSError with a bad file descriptor
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