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Date 2011-01-31.23:02:41
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Am 31.01.2011 12:46, schrieb Jesús Cea Avión:
> Jesús Cea Avión <> added the comment:
> Martin, I guess "stat" deprecation could require a few years and it
> would be an extra incompatibility burden between 2.7 and 3.x.
> Beside the symbolic constants, why would you see "stat" deprecated?.

Because it doesn't provide any useful functionality, and confuses
the users. The ST_* constants should have been deprecated long ago,
since people really should use the st_ members of stat_result. In
addition, stat_result should stop behaving like a tuple.

The other constants and functions (S_*) are plainly non-portable.
Apparently, contributor have the illusion that the values they put
into the file are somehow standardized, when they are actually not.
So having the module available makes people like you wonder how
to best support it (see msg127107 and msg127110). Better remove
it so that it doesn't confuse you anymore.
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