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Date 2011-01-30.21:29:04
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Probably - it's just a general sequencing change, so I suppose should apply equally to all platforms.  I suppose even better would be to consolidate the two clean scripts into one (with a parameter for 32 v. 64), but just patching both is less of a change.  Unrelated, but it's interesting how the amd64 script makes sure to be in the PCBuild tree before deleting byte compiled files, but the standard script doesn't.

Oh, I should probably also update my prior thought in this ticket, since based on a python-dev thread Hirokazu pointed out that just having things at the end of test.bat could be exposed if the actual test itself never returns to the script.

That might have higher odds than the build master losing contact with the slave between build and clean step, so the original patch is likely the better choice.  Or maybe do it in both both places.  

But just moving things to clean first would cover the vast majority of cases I seem to see on my build slaves, which only rarely lose contact with the master.
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