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Date 2011-01-29.17:25:45
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OK, I've added deprecation warnings for using StringIO or text mode files as input.  I found one bug thereby, but it is a bug that pre-existed the patch (see issue 11062).  

I've completed my code review.

To address Victor's question about the mh-sequences file: nmh rejects non-ascii sequence names, so the file should contain only ASCII.  The man page specifies that sequences are composed only of alphanumeric characters.  I think opening the file in text mode using the system default encoding is probably fine, since if any mh program does support non-ascii sequence names that is likely what it would do as well.  Of course, in the future I would think utf-8 would be preferred, but I guess we can deal with that issue if we get a bug report.  We're maintaining backward compatibility with 3.1 here, so it's not really an issue for this patch.  As far as the 'if bytes' business goes, the tests pass for me without those lines, and it looks to me like they should not be needed.  On IRC Victor said he thought he may have introduced those before the patch was finished.  We have decided to omit them.

I think I've address the remainder of Victor's issues already.

The last step is running the tests on Windows.  Attached is the updated patch.
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