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Where it makes sense, cmath needs to stay in-sync with the math module as much as possible:

  >>> set(dir(math)) - set(dir(cmath))
  {'pow', 'fsum', 'ldexp', 'hypot', 'fabs', 'floor', 'lgamma',
   'frexp', 'degrees', 'modf', 'factorial', 'copysign', 'ceil',
   'trunc', 'expm1', 'radians', 'atan2', 'erf', 'erfc', 'fmod',
   'log1p', 'gamma'}

At some point, it may make sense to implement cmath.fsum() along the lines of:
 c_fsum = lambda iterable: 
   complex(*map(fsum, zip(*((z.real, z.imag) for z in iterable))))
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