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Date 2011-01-23.01:10:06
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Thanks Ned for thinking of ways out.

- If I had a choice, I would agree with Georg's choice (Ned's option 1): most users will not use the composite characters and need not go through complications, or worse, cannibalization of the distribution (3a and 3b are unacceptable).

Perhaps the existence of the bug could be documented together with the need of a proper Tcl/Tk version.

- My experience with python 3.1.3 with OS 10.6 is that when starting IDLE I always get several messages of the sort:

      Python(1305,0xa0a5c540) malloc: *** error for object
      0x1a277738: pointer being freed was not allocated
      *** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug

possibly leading to memory leaks. Thus, I am not happy with 4.

- As for 5a, perhaps with the warnings of Tcl/Tk and composite crashes, one could announce this alternative installation. 5b doesn't seem to be worth the trouble, given the existence of the MacPorts version.

My 2 cents.

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