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> Not sure if that was meant to be a suggestion for why my local
> patching wasn't working from the "svn diff" output, but obviously -5
> was messed up.  Here's a new version that I can apply to my fresh
> trunk and passes "make test".

Thank you! The important is that we now have a workable patch in unified
diff format :)

> If the suggestion was how to fix my patching from "svn diff", the
> problem I ran into was that it had the files in it, say, but
> it was trying to apply them as if I had specified "patch -p1", even
> though the "svn diff" contained the paths and I hadn't done "-p1".

For the record, when using "svn diff", you have to use "patch -p0" to
apply the resulting patch. Not -p1.

> Anyway, this diff is "diff -urN".  I just can't win, I usually use
> "diff -u", but in the distant past Guido asked me for "diff -c"
> instead.  :-)

I would bet even Guido changed his habits :) Rietveld computes and
displays unified diffs as far as I remember.
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