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Date 2011-01-18.00:36:13
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1) Can you please avoid putting several statements in the same line?

2) wouldnt it be better to compute only once the contents of methods()? I'm not sure that module-initialization time is okay for CPython, but at the very least you can lazily fill a module-level variable, and return it directly from methods()?

3) what happens when a user uses one of the Crypt methods that are referenced from the Module, if this method is not available? Arguably, if I know what I'm doing, I will call mksalt(METHOD_SHA512) without checking that METHOD_SHA512 was in methods(). That's not very intuitive, and it seems that mksalt could break.

4) saltchars should probably be string.ascii_letters+string.digits instead of the hardcoded value

5) you should mention in the documentation that if not salt parameter is given, a different salt will be used for each crypt() call

6) is _MethodClass an old-style class?

7) it seems that the patch duplicates twice the diff of, not sure of what happened there?
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