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r87996+r87997 adds encoding and errors argument to parse_qs() and parse_qsl() of urllib.parse. It is needed to decoded correctly %XX syntax in cgi.

r87998 is the patch on the cgi module.

Changes with cgi_32.patch:

 * Use TextIOWrapper instead of TextIOBase, because TextIOBase has no buffer
 * typo in a docstring: "it must must" => "must"
 * (docstring) default: sys.stdin => default: sys.stdin.buffer
 * PEP 8: hasattr(a,b) => hasattr(a, b) (same for isinstance) and
   "encoding = 'utf-8'" => "encoding='utf-8'" (in the argument list)
 * "xxx.decode(...) # str": remove useless # str comment. decode() always give
   unicode in Python 3 (same change for ".encode() # bytes")
 * Rename "next" variables to "next_boundary" because next is a builtin
   function in Python 3 (unrelated change).
 * FieldStorage.innerboundary and FieldStorage.outerboundary are bytes objects:
   encode innerboundary in the constructor, and raise an error if outerboundary
   is not a bytes object
 * Rename _use_bytes to _binary_file
 * isinstance(bytes) test: write the type, not the value, in the error message
 * Replace line[:2] == b'--' by line.startswith(b'--'), and then replace
   line.strip() by line.rstrip()
 * test_fieldstorage_multipart() uses ASCII (and specifiy the encoding to FieldStorage)
 * add FieldStorage.errors attribute: pass it to parse_qsl()
 * add errors attribute to FieldStorage: same default value than urllib.parse.unquote(): 'replace'
 * parse(): pass encoding argument to parse_qs()
 * FieldStorage: pass encoding and errors arguments to parse_qsl()

Because the patch on TextIOBase, it patched the docstring:
        fp              : file pointer; default: sys.stdin.buffer
            (not used when the request method is GET)
            Can be :
            1. an instance of (a subclass of) TextIOWrapper, in this case it
            must provide an attribute "buffer" = the binary layer that returns
            bytes from its read() method, and preferably an attribute
            "encoding" (defaults to latin-1)
            2. an object whose read() and readline() methods return bytes
        fp              : file pointer; default: sys.stdin.buffer
            (not used when the request method is GET)
            Can be :
            1. a TextIOWrapper object
            2. an object whose read() and readline() methods return bytes

Replace "type(value) is type([])" is done in another commit: r87999.

I consider that the work on this issue is done, and so I close it. If I am wrong, explain why and repoen the issue.

Please test the cgi as much as possible before Python 3.2 final: reopen the issue if it doesn't work.
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