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Just to be clear:

There are 3 different interfaces.
The basic one with the offset included & no headers/trailers is supported by all the platforms, including Linux.
The one with offset as None is only supported by Linux.
The one with headers/trailers/flags is supported by FreeBSD & OS X.

So it does provide a unique interface across all platforms while still providing the ability to access the native functionality.

Preferably, I'd like to see a thin wrapper like this remain and then have a sendfile() method added to the socket object which takes a file-like object (not a file descriptor) and optional headers/trailers. This method can then figure out how best to do it depending on the platform. (i.e. using TCP_CORK if necessary, etc). It could even be made to work with file-like objects that cannot be mmap()ed.

Why not put it straight in socket anyway? Well, some of the implementations allow sendfile() to have a normal fd as the output. Putting it in socket then would't make sense.
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