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Date 2011-01-11.08:37:22
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I am sorry, but as an original initiator of the the issue I find the argumentation of Alexander Belopolsky vastly ridiculous. Are you really seriously convinced that an average person responsible for Python application development and maintenance would be aware of a necessity to look for an ANSI C documentation to find a description and definitions of time functions?

You sound like Marie Antoinette who replied to peasants complaining the they do not have any bread to eat that they should eat brioches instead. Maybe in the context of the “royal programmers family” documentation to ANSI C is wildly known and even memorized, but I do insist that Python documentation should be accessible and understandable even to ordinary peasants of the computer kingdom.

And I keep my case that the current description might trick programmers to think that it holds information whether the summer time currently applies rather than just plain information about current time zone being able to use summer time.

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