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Date 2011-01-08.16:13:16
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> Victor: How do I determine what code page my old w2k is using?.

python.exe -c 'import locale; print("ANSI code page: {}".format(locale.getpreferredencoding()))'

> On Windows, #8611 (and #9425) permit to use non-ASCII characters 
> in the module path... but only characters encodable to your 
> ANSI code page.

If you would like to check if your path is encodable to your ANSI code page, try:

python.exe -c "import os; fn=os.fsencode('ä'); print(ascii(fn))"

If fsencode() raises an error, the filename is not encodable to your ANSI code page and you have to wait until #3080 is fixed :-)
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