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R. David said:
(I believe http uses latin-1 when no charset is specified, but I need to double check that)

See ASCII and UTF-8 are what HTTP defines. Some implementations may, in fact, use latin-1 instead of ASCII in some places.  Not sure if we want Python CGI to do that or not.

Thanks for getting the email APIs in the docs... shouldn't have to bug you as much that way :)

Antoine said:
(this is all funny in the light of the web-sig discussion where people explain that CGI is such a natural model)

Thanks for clarifying the stdin buffering vs. binary issue... it is as I suspected.  Maybe you can also explain the circumstances in which "my" Windows code is needed, and whether Python's "-u" does it automatically, but I still believe that "-u" shouldn't be necessary for a properly functioning program, not even a CGI program... it seems like a hack to allow some programs to work without other changes, so might be a useful feature, but hopefully not a required part of invoking a CGI program.

The CGI interface is "self describing", when you follow the standards, and use the proper decoding for the proper pieces.  In that way, it is similar to email.  It is certainly not as simple as using UTF-8 everywhere, but compatibility with things invented before UTF-8 even existed somewhat prevents the simplest solution, and then not everything is text, either.  At least it is documented, and permits full UNICODE data to be passed around where needed, and permits binary to be passed around where that is needed, when the specs are adhered to.
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