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Date 2011-01-04.22:02:46
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amaury> r87733 in pyexpat.c modified a call to PyErr_Format with a %zi
amaury> format code. This format does not seem to be supported. %zd
amaury> should be used instead.

Oh, that's surprising. Why %zd is supported but not %zi?

PyUnicode_FromFormatV() supports %d, %ld, %lld, %zd, %i, but not %li, %lli or %zi. Before fixing PyUnicode_FromFormatV(), I fixed pyexpat.c: r87747.

MvL> If you are absolutely certain that a cast cannot possibly truncate, 
MvL> add a comment explaining why that is.

Ah yes, sorry, I forgot to add a comment: done in r87746.
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