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This is similar to #10348, but has a different scope; the attached patch disables the ProcessPoolExecutor if the system has too few POSIX semaphores.

To keep support for the ThreadPoolExecutor, I had the test cases stop using multiprocessing.Event in the threaded test cases. Unfortunately, this had two side effect that I think indicate a bug elsewhere: 

1. ThreadPoolWaitTests.test_all_completed_some_already_completed hangs
2. (sometimes) ThreadPoolWaitTests.test_first_exception fails:

    self.assertEqual(set([future1, future2]), finished)
AssertionError: Items in the first set but not the second:
<Future at 0x1851ad0 state=running>

I haven't been able to determine yet why it hangs. If the hanging test is disabled, the tests pass on both Linux and FreeBSD 7.3.
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