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>> Seriously, it can wait 3.3.
> What exactly can wait until 3.3?  The presented patch introduces no
> user visible changes.  It is only a stepping stone to restoring some
> sanity in a way supplementary characters are treated by narrow builds.
>  At the moment, it is a mine field: you can easily produce surrogate
> pairs from string literals and codecs, but when you start using them,
> you have 50% chance that things will blow up, 40% chance of getting
> wrong result and maybe 10% chance that it will work.

I think the proposal is that fixing this minefield can wait until
Python 3.3 (or even 3.4, or later).

I plan to propose a complete redesign of the representation of Unicode
strings, which may well make this entire set of changes obsolete.

As for language definition: I think the definition is quite clear
and unambiguous. It may be that Python 3.2 doesn't fully implement it.

IOW: relax.
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