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Author vstinner
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Date 2010-12-23.01:52:15
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Version 11 of my patch:
 - Disable the fault handler (and displaying the backtrace on a fatal error) by default
 - The fault handle can be enabled by setting the PYTHONFAULTHANDLER environment variable or using "-X faulthandler" command line option (instead of being disabled by setting the PYTHONNOFAULTHANDLER env var)
 - Use PyGILState_GetThisThreadState() instead of _Py_atomic_load_relaxed(&_PyThreadState_Current) to get the state of the current thread, especially if the current thread doesn't hold the GIL
 - Add a protection against recursive calls to _Py_DisplayBacktrace() (a recursive call does nothing), even it is very unlikely
 - Don't repeat the exception message after the backtrace
 - Add a test on a segfault in a thread not holding the GIL

Disable the fault handler by default solves many issues reported on the python-dev mailing list:

 - Issues with embedded Python
 - Python 3.2 beta 2 is released
 - The fault handler supposes that the file descriptor 2 is the standard error output, but it may be a critical file or a network socket

Amaury asked for a sys.setsegfaultenabled() option: I think that the command line option and the environment variable are enough. The question is now how to enable the feature for a single run (reproduce a crash to try to get more information), not how to enable/disable it system-wide (because most developers agree that it should be disabled by default).

Should it be backported to Python 2.7 and 3.1?
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