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Date 2010-12-16.23:13:27
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My problem is that this evening, the message "IDLE's subprocess didn't make connection. Either IDLE can't start a subprocess or personal firewall software is blocking the connection." appears after I hit F5 to run a file I am editing.

The program briefly worked on and off ... but after ca. 10 minutes it stopped for good. 

I have tried searhcing for solutions, but found nothing that seems to work. 

   Windows Vista 32
   Python 2.7 (downloaded a week ago)
   New User to Python. Amatuer/Hobby Programmer 

-Tried solution "kill process in task manager". No effect. Process was usually already closed by me anyway, but killing it did not help either. 

-Tried solution "repair via .MSI" file. No change.

-Tried to tell Windows Firewall to ignore python and pythonw, that they were acceptable. No change.  

-Would prefer not to "Scrap IDLE" as I just started! (Also I do not want to write Python only in Notepad and use command lines. As much as I love the command line, I do not want that anymore)

-Started to try to use workaround "-n" flag when starting IDLE. 
  a) I would prefer a Solution and not a Workaround that hinders the program before I am started.  
  b) I am new to Python and Idle. Windows Vista hides the links, it is not clear to me how Python is setup and I am still working on understanding how Python operates ... that is pain enough at the moment....

 -Either a useful suggestion to get IDLE to work properly and as it should. 
 -Or a good recommendation for a universal and Idiot-Friendly alternative Python programming environment. It should be simple, user-friendly, reliable and suitable for novices to experiment (i.e. no complicated setup!) 

(FYI:I spent two years learning Java, and finally canned it, because I got sick of spending my free-time trying to debug and decipher workarounds to what should have been a simple solution! grrrrrrr!)

Thanks to any who can help.
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