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> - Embedding Python by just compiling/linking all the .c files in
> seems to be a major feature to me; so fixing compilation is useful
> for its own

If that's the objective of the patch, I'm -1 on it.

> - The win32 build system has never used "configure;make", but a
> Visual Studio project file; so why require it for a MinGW build?!

Well, if MingW could use the VS project files, that would be fine
with me as well... We need *some* build procedure. Just being
able to compile the source files is not maintainable.

> It would be a "nice to have". But there is one thing: The patch in
> its current form is trivial and next to impossible to break anything,
> yet I'm sure it's useful for a number of people. It's a result of
> work done within the company I'm working for. Submitting the patch
> does not have an immediate benefit for my company, it only will save
> me a (short!) amount of time because I will not to have to re-apply
> the patch for every new Python release. This time saving is the only
> justification for spending some working time to try to get it into
> the official tree.

Understood. Perhaps somebody else is interested in picking up the

BTW, you do have your employer's permission to contribute this work,
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