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I will take a look at test_logging tidying up after itself, though the intention is to leave things as they were found (this is done in setUp/tearDown, and if it doesn't tidy up properly, that would be a bug).

As already explained in logging's documentation, there is no problem with just getting a logger and logging to it, BUT the top-level logger in any library package (and that includes stdlib, too) should have a NullHandler instance added to avoid the "no handlers could be found for logger XXX" message. This latter, one-off message is only there to guard against mis-configuration.

Re. Nick's comments about using logging in the stdlib - I'm not sure the reason he states is the reason for lack of traction, I think it's more to do with inertia. I will post separately on python-dev about use of logging in the stdlib itself, to see what specific obstacles stdlib maintainers see in the use of logging in their own modules.
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