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Date 2010-12-02.23:32:00
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Alexander Belopolsky <> wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 4:34 PM, Marc-Andre Lemburg
> <> wrote:
> ..
> >  * Please change the API _PyUnicode_NormalizeDecimal() to
> >   PyUnicode_ConvertToASCIIDecimal() - that's closer to what
> >   it does.
> >
> Are you sure it is a good idea to give it a public name?  I have no
> problem with calling it _PyUnicode_ConvertToASCIIDecimal().
> ("Transform" may be a better term, though.)

I like the public name. Extension authors can use it and be sure that
their programs accept exactly the same numeric strings as the rest of

Are you worried that the semantics might change? If they do, I would
actually welcome to have an official transformation function that
automatically follows the current preferences of python-dev (or the
Unicode Consortium).
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