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> Would avoiding PyErr_CheckSignals() while the file object is in
> inconsistent state be a reasonable alternative?

No, because we'd like IO operations to be interruptible by the user
(e.g. pressing Ctrl-C) when they would otherwise block indefinitely.

> I am guessing that it's not that uncommon for a signal handler to need
> IO (e.g to log a signal).

In C, it is recommended that signal handlers be minimal. In Python,
there is no explicit recommendation but, given they execute
semi-asynchronously, I personally wouldn't put too much code in them :)

That said, there's no problem doing IO as long as you're not doing
reentrant calls to the *same* file object. I agree that for logging this
is not always practical...

> If making IO safer is not an option, then I think, this limitation
> needs to be documented (especially, given that this seems to be a
> behavior change from Python 2.x).

Perhaps the IO documentation needs an "advanced topics" section. I'll
see if I get some time.
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