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Date 2010-11-29.00:52:57
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Having tests in Lib/test instead of inside the package makes it easier to grep the unittest package without grepping the tests. The Windows installer has an "install without tests" option which is easier to honour if the tests aren't in the package.

However, currently all packages that have test *packages* have the tests in the package rather than inside Lib/test. (There are no test packages inside Lib/test.)

Examples: email, distutils, ctypes, importlib, json, lib2to3, sqlite3

I also maintain an external port of unittest from Python 3. This is unittest2-py3k. Moving the tests would make it *slightly* harder to keep this in sync. I'm moving to maintaining this port as a set of patches rather than a separate branch. These patches can be applied automatically to unittest from py3k head. unittest2-py3k will be built automatically by a script, so it isn't a big deal.
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