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I went over both the diffs and the HTML output from "make clean html" on the latest 3.2 trunk. Looks good to me!

Just a tiny nit re unittest.rst, where it says "supports three command-line options". This is the kind of comment that gets left behind when new options are added. I see no added value explicitly saying there are 3 options as opposed to "supports the following command-line options", and there's less chance for future mistakes. It's also more consistent with the list of options for "discover" a bit later in the same document. This is totally a stylistic issue, of course, so IMVHO :-)

Oh, and another thing about unittest.rst: in 24.3.9 where it says "The -c command-line option to unittest", for some reason the -c didn't get linked to the option, although I think you intended it to, since you marked it as :option:

P.S: the program/cmdoption combo idea was Georg's.
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