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Concerning this section of the docs:

There is no example for calling a static method from another static method within the same class.

As I discovered later, it's simple: C.f() -- from inside the class or outside it.

A total newbie will accept this and move on... but in other programming languages, it's frowned upon to the class name from within the class.  For example, in PHP you use the "self::" prefix and Java you don't need a prefix at all.  

So, even though I had it right the first time, it didn't SEEM right... so I went on a wild goose chase, for nothing.  Googling "java call static method" will get you java documentation that lists both cases, as does "c++ call static method" and "php call static method".  

I feel that by adding "Note: you must also use the C.f() syntax when calling from within the class", the documentation will be more complete.
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