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Date 2010-11-16.20:04:45
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On 11/16/10 5:44 AM, Ronald Oussoren wrote:
> Ronald Oussoren <> added the comment:
> Please explain how the failure can be reproduced.

I have. But to do so more directly:

1. Launch; leave the window console open.
2. Run: id -G
3. Run: python
4. Type: import posix; posix.getgroups()
5. Go into System Preferences, add a user.
6. Type again, posix.getgroups(): notice, the values have not changed.
7. Either os.system("id -G") or ^D and type id -G: in either case, these
values *have* changed. Tested both.

> I've done some testing on my machine using Apple's copy of python 2.6.1 (on OSX 10.6), which has the same getgroups implementation as the current heads of the active branches.

As I said, the slave is running the latest on 10.5. Perhaps its a
platform bug which is fixed in 10.6: either way, the test is declaring
behavior is true that it shouldn't, I think.

Perhaps the test should only be skipped on 10.5? I am happy to provide a
patch which tests sys.platform == "darwin" and then runs sw_vars to make
only skip < 10.6.

I verified posix.getgroups() on 10.6 does not appear to exhibit this
behavior on my SL slave. However, that box does a LOT, so I can't vouch
for its 'purity' like the 10.5 box.

> Was the buildbot started using launchd (the recipe at <> seems correct)? If not, how is it started?

It was started with launchd, yes: with a variation of that recipe.
However as I stated, the behavior can be readily reproduced directly in
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