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Date 2010-11-16.13:44:41
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Please explain how the failure can be reproduced.

I've done some testing on my machine using Apple's copy of python 2.6.1 (on OSX 10.6), which has the same getgroups implementation as the current heads of the active branches.

>>> os.getgroups()
[20, 402, 204, 61, 12, 401]
>>> os.system("id -G")
20 402 204 61 12 401

(Now open the Accounts preference pane and add a new user)

>>> os.getgroups()
[20, 403, 402, 204, 61, 12, 401]
>>> os.system("id -G")
20 403 402 204 61 12 401

Note how the result of both os.getgroups and id -G changes, which should mean that tests shouldn't fail unless you happened to add a new account in the split-second between the "calls" to os.getgroups and "id -G" in a testrun.

Was the buildbot started using launchd (the recipe at <> seems correct)? If not, how is it started?
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