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Author gjb1002
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Date 2010-11-09.13:11:27
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I have the following script:

#!/usr/bin/env python
from distutils.core import setup



I have two different python installations (using virtualenv) where I
wish to install this program. So I do

~/tmp/test_setup/python1/bin/python install

which creates a file at
/users/geoff/tmp/test_setup/python1/bin/, that looks like


print "Hello"

So far so good. But then I also install it somewhere else:

~/tmp/test_setup/python2/bin/python install

which creates a file at
/users/geoff/tmp/test_setup/python2/bin/ which refers to
"python1", i..e it has the same contents as the first one. Which is
clearly not what I want.

The cached script in the build tree appears not to get updated once it exists.
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