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Author StevenJ
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Date 2010-11-04.01:22:37
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I too was just looking at NNTPS support because I have a need for it. The latest patch looks like great work and I think the things it implements are needed for this library.  But it seems to me that the latest patch combines 3 things which might otherwise be able to be separately considered. NNTPS, START_TLS (RFC 4642) extension and AUTHINFO extension (RFC 4643).  It may be that START_TLS and AUTHINFO are indivisible, I need to read those more, but shouldn't that be a new topic of discussion as this feature request is for NNTPS support?

I also don't understand the difficulty with plain NNTPS as it doesn't need a new interface a very simple patch (attached) achieves NNTPS?? (Most of the patch is test case and variant defaults.  The actual NNTPS code is just:
+        # Make sure we can actually use ssl if its attempted.
+        if ssl_context:
+          self.sslcontext = ssl_context
+          self.sock = self.sslcontext.wrap_socket(self.sock)

I also don't understand why START_TLS and AUTHINFO need to change how the module is interfaced to (separating log in/authentication, etc), my reading of START_TLS and AUTHINFO seem to me that it should all be under the covers.  It even explains this in Section 7 of "Using TLS
with IMAP, POP3 and ACAP" [TLS-IMAPPOP].  That the idea is "It just works".  So surely if someone uses this module and they do not specify NNTPS and it supports START_TLS and AUTHINFO and so does the server then it just works.  Otherwise it seems a bunch of NNTP Extension requirements and processing spills over to the users of this module when they can probably be contained locally??

Perhaps there needs to be a separate feature request "START_TLS and AUTHINFO extension support for nntplib" so the issues and any necessary interface changes can be considered in isolation from simple NNTP over SSL?

I think it would be nice to have NNTPS in for 3.2.
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