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I finally found the time to follow up on this issue, sorry for the absence of response.

The thread on Python-Ideas didn't really lead to a consensus (nor did it generate a lot of discussion).

Some wanted to see this in fnmatch, others in glob and others in shutils. Most thought glob was the appropriate place though, and this is also my opinion.

From the Python documentation, fnmatch is a « Unix filename pattern matching » while glob is a « Unix style pathname pattern expansion ».

This makes it clear to me that curly expansion has its place in glob, that would then use fnmatch to match the resulting list of expanded paths.

Here is a patch against the py3k branch.

The patch contains both the implementation, unit tests, and some changes to the documentation.

Note that could I only run the unit tests on Linux (Fedora 14 x86_64) which is the only system I have at hand.
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