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A little bit more information:

the error message comes from Python/pythonrun.c, line 736, in function 

This part of the code is protected with a preprocessor #if:

#if defined(HAVE_LANGINFO_H) && defined(CODESET)

so I tried replacing that with #if 0. However, the function then fails 
on line 750. The comment on line 749 states:

/* Such error can only occurs in critical situations: no more
 * memory, import a module of the standard library failed,
 * etc. */

It looks like it is not the case, and that Py_FileSystemDefaultEncoding 
has no reasonable default when "python" is called from the build 
directory with the "C" locale.

For the record, when running the system "python" with the "C" locale, 
the filesystemencoding is gets set to 'ANSI_X3.4-1968'.

Last thing, in case it is of any use, all my testing is done on an amd64 
Debian stable system.

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