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Date 2010-10-26.19:11:30
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sqlite.Row class doesn't implement sequence protocol, which is rather unfortunate, because it is described and expected to work like a tuple, with extra mapping-like functionality.

Specific issue I hit:

Adding rows to PyGTK ListStore,

        model = gtk.ListStore(*db.getSchema())
        for r in listGen():

I get:

TypeError: expecting a sequence

Looking at PyGTK sources, append() method uses PySequence Check() on the argument. Looking at Python 2.6.5 abstract.c:

PySequence_Check(PyObject *s)
        if (s && PyInstance_Check(s))
                return PyObject_HasAttrString(s, "__getitem__");
        if (PyObject_IsInstance(s, (PyObject *)&PyDict_Type))
                return 0;
        return s != NULL && s->ob_type->tp_as_sequence &&
                s->ob_type->tp_as_sequence->sq_item != NULL;

And sqlite3.Row doesn't set ob_type->tp_as_sequence as of Py 2.6.5 or 2.7.
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